You Should Keep Up with the SEO and Google Updates


Well. It’s not a mere multinational technology company that specializes in internet-related services and products and comprises software, hardware, cloud computing software, search and online advertising technology…just like how Mr. Wikipedia defines it.

Google is a search engine algorithm that ranks Web pages not just by content and keywords but also by how many other Web pages linked to each page. Its mission is to organize the world’s information and it universally accessible and useful. Google’s primary tool helps users access information and offers several other services including Image Search, Google Groups, Google Answers, Google Maps, Google Toolbar, Gmail, Blogger, Adsense, Adwords, and Froogle. These are some of the main reasons why in just a short period of time, Google became the world’s most popular search engine.

But enough about Google, let’s talk about your goals.

You need to get customers. You need to make money. You need to build rapport with your prospects, increase your online presence and establish your own brand. That’s no secret.

Even though you always keep SEO in the forefront of your mind and always follow its best practices to accomplish these promising goals, you didn’t get people clicking. No one is even searching your brand. You don’t rank in Google. No positive ROI. You wasted your time and your money. You exerted your 101% best and online marketing skills but at the end of the road, you didn’t make it. That’s not a fate you want to befall.

What’s the problem?

How to be on the right foot?

All of your goals are plausible to achieve if you are updated and implemented with the white-hat practices of the SEO. Google algorithms are playing a pivotal role in how your website is ranked on search engines. Demystify your business and SEO strategies with the updates of Google, pay attention and obey Google’s golden rules.

3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Up with the SEO

…so Google will recognize your business or website.

  1. Social Signals– Algorithms in the search engines are geared more towards to understanding and appreciating the significance of social signals. Shares, likes, comments, posts and followers expand not just in the branding aspect of your business but the search engines as well. The actual interaction between your business and your targeted audience gives an extremely and beneficial organic SEO campaign tactics.
  2. Google’s new in-depth articles algorithm– this change is tweaking the content production game. A simple grab-and-go piece of knowledge isn’t enough to fill the needs of content-hungry readers. The feature of Google’s new in-depth articles algorithm filters contents. It looks for thoughtful, relevant contents to make the search more in-depth and contextual.
  3. Scammers– Google weeds out scammers. This is to fine tune the semantic search. Google just introduced various non-infamous adjustments to its algorithm that went by the names of penguin, panda hummingbird, pigeon, pirate just to name a few.

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Let’s face it! Google is favoring big brands, equating quality with the reputation so stay on top of everything, especially algorithm changes.